EVEREADY MARINE, INC. considers safety highest priorities. We must conduct all operation safely and prudently, while providing our customers with the finest services and equipment available. To meet that goal we must all work together to assure our customers that each project undertaken by EVEREADY MARINE, INC., reflects a commitment to safety, pride in our work, in our reputation and in ourselves.

In order to ensure the safety of its personnel, EVEREADY MARINE, INC. adoptedits Health, Safety & Environment Manual. The safety procedures and rules contained in this manual are intended to be used as guidelines, that when used with good common sense, will assist you in carrying out your responsibilities safely.


EVEREADY MARINE, INC. recognizes that the key to safety rests with leadership of top management, supervisory responsibilities, and full employee participation.


Safety: We are proud to have achieved top grade “A” safety ratings based on information in the ISNetworld System regarding our fleet of crew boats.




All personnel are taught and certified in 20 different trainings including but not limited to:

Accident Investigation

Job Safety Analysis

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Bloodborne Pathogens

First Aid / CPR

Lock-out /Tag-out

Access to Medical Records

Fire Protection & Prevention

Behavioral Based Safety Awareness

Hand and Power Tools

P P E (Personal Protective Equipment)

Slips, Trips, & Falls

Hazcom GHS

Ladder Safety

Marine Trash & Debris


Safe Swing Rope



Safe Gulf Orientation Training


Safety meetings and Drills conducted weekly.



EVEREADY MARINE, INC. recognizes the importance for protecting and safeguarding the environment when conducting its operations. To set guidelines and principles in order to reach our objectives. Our main objective is total compliance and employee involvement in achieving ZERO TOLERANCE.

  • Comply with State, Federal and Local rules and regulations.
  • Conduct operations in a manner that enhances and demonstrates our respect of the environment.
  • Provide training, emphasizing to employees that protecting the environment is sound management and judgment.
  • Respond quickly and effectively to environmental issues involving EVEREADY MARINE, INC.
  • Maintain an effective environmental spill prevention plan and reporting procedures.
  • To enforce the rules and regulations with an effective disciplinary policy.