Ernie Ballard has spent his entire life on boats.  He has worked on crewboats for over 40 years now.  It is this experience that he brings to the table with Eveready Marine.

 Wayne Estay knows nearly everything there is to know about business.  He was formerly the very successful owner of Wayne Estay Shrimp Company until the shed was destroyed by Katrina. 

Eveready Marine, Inc. was founded by Ernie Ballard, Jr and Wayne Estay in the year 2000.  During these nearly 15 years of business, we have accomplished very much.  We take pride in being a small, family owned and oriented company.  Our motto is "simply the best".  We try to remain "simply the best".  It is this drive and dedication that we try to show our crew.  From the president to the captains to the deckhands and secretaries, we strive for perfection.  At Eveready Marine, we greatly admire our crew.  We realize that without a good crew a boat is just a hunk of metal.  Eveready Marine, Inc. is part of the DISA program for drug testing.

Eveready Marine currently has three boats, the Eveready, the John Michael E,, and the Best Won. For more information, including spec sheets and pictures, on any of the boats, please click here to be redirected.